The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas


What a better way to see Las Vegas for the first time than a spontaneous decision to attend a concert! Really, it must have been one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever done, all in the name of seeing one of my favorite bands.

Calling hubby, “So, I kinda bought us tickets to see Of Monsters And Men … in Vegas. Guess we’re going to Vegas!

I clicked that purchase button without even thinking about timing, babysitters or anything, It was a rash decision that made me feel 20 again. Yet, it was a great decision as hubby and I had a fabulous time in Las Vegas.

For our first time in the area, we decided to stay at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Not only did it have great reviews, had a great location right on the strip, yet the that was the venue for the concert. Perfect, right?


What we soon learned was that this hotel hosts many MANY concerts, and is well-known for bringing in the best artists. Take note people, when going to Vegas, check out what’s happening at The Cosmopolitan during the time you are there.

The hotel itself is quite new, very ‘artsy’ and modern. The hotel is right next to the Bellagio, so about half of the rooms will have a great view of the famed fountain display that the Bellagio hosts every half-hour or so. My tip is to book a room with the fountain view. How could you not love this spectacular view from our Terrace Studio Room, either by day or by night?

Vegas Strip by Day

Vegas Strip by Night

We had arrived in Vegas that morning, and we did some sightseeing and occupied most of the day before heading to the hotel. It’s a good thing we did that as check-in was more lengthy than I’d care for. Maybe it’s Vegas-thing, yet our room wasn’t ready at 4pm and we had 5pm dinner plans with friends. So, there was some wait and room switching in order to get accommodation before dinnertime.


The psychedelic TV screens on the lobby pillars provided entertainment and helped to pass the time while we waited. After we figured out the room situation, it was smooth sailing, and we were eager to explore and experience Vegas!

Cosmopolitan lobby

We had a Terrace One-Bedroom Suite, fountain view. It’s a remarkable room with a king size bed, large private terrace, generous sized shower and a Japanese soaking tub. The room is very private and chic, 2 flat screen TV’s, iPod docking station and more.


 The shower area is see-through glass, so think of this when booking for a ‘friends stay’ or a family stay, privacy might be an issue depending who you are rooming with. 

The only thing the room did not have, which bothered me, was a coffee maker. I knew this fact when I booked this hotel, yet to my understanding, coffee makers in Las Vegas hotel rooms are hard to come by altogether. Odd, you’d think they’d want people alert with their gambling face on?

In any case, this java-nutball was super sad about this, and made for some grumpy mornings until I could locate a coffee. And no, I wasn’t about to order a pot from room service, it was on the expensive side and I am stubborn. Don’t give me coffee in my room, I’ll hunt one down elsewhere, thank you very much {I warned you: jave-nutball}.


Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Hotel Review

Truth be told, it was the beautiful terrace that won me over at the hotel, since most hotels in Vegas don’t have balconies. It was nice to sit and relax outside at any time of day and peacefully watch the city go by. Plus, they are huge in size, very comfortable and you really feel like it’s your piece of silence among the chaos of Vegas.

Internet is included in your fee and you can connect as many devices as you like. You got great wifi from anywhere in the hotel, connection was never an issue.  Like most hotels in the area, you do have to pay $25/night for a ‘resort fee’, and while I’m not entirely sure what this charge is for, wifi is part of that package. And no, you don’t have an option to pay this charge, it’s added to your room. 


One of my favourite things to do was just explore the hotel, so much to see at every turn. The details were astounding, true flashy Vegas-style you’d expect. You’ll immediately notice the air quality of this resort, not at all like the musty-smoky smell that hits you when you walk into the older hotels in Vegas.

When in the Casino, and while gambling, all drinks are complimentary. The trick is to go when there is a moderate amount of people sitting at tables, it seemed like then there was a little {early afternoon}, few waitresses were walking around. Likewise, when the place was really busy {10pm and beyond}, they were so busy you’d never catch them. We didn’t gamble a whole lot, yet did participate daily in little bits. Hey. we were in Vegas! 

I could make $20 last quite a while, and it was more entertainment than anything. I didn’t expect to leave a millionaire yet in no way did I lose my shirt, so to speak. Moderation and limitation is key, and have fun. The energy is contagious as you watch people cheer and make friends at different machines. 

The Boulevard Pool at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is gorgeous! It gets really packed there at times, yet the atmosphere is always nice and relaxing. It overlooks the Vegas strip, which is a breathtaking view. This pool is also the location for concert venues at night. Not only is the view awesome while at a concert, but you’ll also get the perfect attendance since the area can only hold so many people. The live video feed of their concerts is displayed on their hotel screen, so even people walking the strip can look up and catch some of the show. Now THAT’s true Vegas style right there!

From the rooms at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, to the lobby, swimming pool, concerts and MANY shops, there’s much to do just in the hotel alone. It’s not a ‘cheap’ hotel to say the least, being one of the higher priced hotels on the strip. Yet, you get what you pay for and it’s worth the added cost. Especially since most people stay in Vegas for 3-4 days, why not go for the ‘sure thing’ when it comes to hotels and treat yourself to a worthwhile stay. While I would like to try a different hotel for my second stay in Vegas, I wouldn’t hesitate to come back to the Cosmopolitan in the future, or recommend it to others.




    • Tammi says

      It was beyond amazing, I’d love to go back again soon. It was a great first Vegas experience!

  1. Olivia L says

    I went to Vegas with a girlfriend a few years back. I really want to take hubby there, but it’ll have to wait a few years until our girls are a little older. The hotel looks gorgeous!

    • Tammi says

      We hope to go again in the next couple years as well, it was our first. Yet, would love to make a girls trip out of it, that would be fun!

  2. Heidi C. says

    What a fun, spontaneous thing to do! I am definitely going to consider doing something similar with my hubby in the future. Maybe we will hit the Cosmopolitain in Vegas – it looks breath-taking (and a little more chic than the hotels I stayed at before in Vegas).

  3. says

    I love Vegas! We were there in October and stayed at Caesar’s Palace. Both John and I are itching to go back. The Cosmopolitan looks amazing! We’ll have to check that one out when we plan our next trip.

    • Tammi says

      Right next door! We went into Caesars for the afternoon, it’s beautiful! I think if we chose a different hotel for our next trip, it would be that one!

    • Tammi says

      Thanks, it was a spur of the moment decision, but a good one. Sometimes you have to do things like that, keeps the adventure in traveling!

  4. Doris Calvert says

    Rooms look great! We use to go at least 4 times a year til 2 years ago but a very nice hotel in rooms is Treasure Island or Mirage and they had coffee makers in room which is rare but that was 2 years ago. Love Vegas! Did you go see Terry Fator by any chance? Want to see his show live so bad, Chris Angel was really good, oh I get excited just talking about it, and it makes me feel 20 when I am there too! I think everyone needs that because we all take ourselves and life to seriously, so glad you got to go and get a break and stay at a gorgeous hotel, looks fabulous :)

    • Tammi says

      Haha, I know – you feel so young and full of energy! We didn’t see them on our stay. We did go to Rock of Ages, which was fantastic. Roseanne was there at that time too, and I just wanted to go to say I seen her in person. :)
      but, we didn’t, next time we will plan for more shows. we spent a lot of time walking around during our trip and popping into every hotel to get the ‘feel’ of them. So yes, we need to go again, SO much to do there!

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