In a Blink of an Eye


It seems like I blinked, and now I am here.

Honestly, WHERE does the time go?!

We went to Kindergarten Orientation this past week, the twins are SO excited for Fall. myself, I have the Summer to get over the shock and some time cherish my babies just a little longer.

Kindergarten Orientation Twins

Do you ever pause the life around you and ask yourself, ‘How did I get here?’. I blame the chaos.




  1. I don’t even want to think about Pre-school. I’ll be that mom that sits in the truck and cries after I drop him off haha.

    • Tammi says:

      Yes, I think you will – we all have that bit of sadness. on the other hand … those few hours to yourself? There’s no tears over that! ;)

  2. It takes a long time to get to kindergarten, then you blink and your kids are out of college. The journey is just beginning.

  3. Its been so long since I took my kids to start, but it is always a eye opener that they got old enough to go to school.
    Oh and their dresses are darling, did you make them?
    Coming from Theresas Mixed Nuts, hope you can join us at Oh My Heartsie today….

    • Tammi says:

      Oh no, I can sew, but nothing that complicated. They are Old Navy dresses, got them on sale. I don’t think they’ll last much longer, we hit a growth spurt recently and many items are now snug. Gah – growing too fast!

  4. It only seems like a blink of my eyes that my oldest was just a baby. Now she is all grown up and about to be married. It does fly so fast!

  5. They are so sweet they must be sugar coated! Blessing to you friend! Teresa from

  6. Some days are so long but the years go by so fast don’t they?!

  7. Aww, they look adorable.

  8. Well Isaak is close to the same age as your girls. I most certainly feel the way you do.

    Sometimes he still acts like a baby: He refuses to even try to tie his shoes, he wipes his behind once and then still asks for help and he is so slow in the mornings. We’ve got to take care of some of that before the first day of school!

    Then he is so grown up. He is actually playing with his big brother now, he asks deep questions, is willing to jump into new situations better than before, and he is so inventive.

    Your girls will do great in school. It’s kind of nice they have each other. Even if they are in different classes, they still have each other before school, during recess and after school.

  9. Adorable dresses! :) Congratulations!

  10. janet says:

    My Grandmother’s favorite line was “don’t blink” it is the way children grow up!

    I myself always related having a baby to Halloween / Halloween you say as you scratch your head. Yes, Halloween you see when they are 2 and under they do not remember dressing up and going out saying “Trick or Treat” by the time they are 12 many are telling they are way too old to dress up and beg for candies. Now since Halloween only comes one time every year. WE are talking 10 days! That is 10 days to enjoy them! So basically enjoy these days when they do happen / cherish them and DON’T BLINK!!!

  11. I love those darling little kindergarten faces that are both scared and eager. .so cute.

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