Vegas Skyline: by Day, by Night


My hubby and I just returned from a 4 day vacation to Vegas, our first trip to sin city.

We stayed at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas hotel, and had the most amazing views from our terrace. Here is the famous Vegas Skyline: by day and by night. Isn’t it gorgeous? Who’s been to Vegas?

Vegas Skyline by Day


Vegas Skyline by Night




  1. I must say I’m rather envious. Would love a weekend away with hubby who is at sea at the moment. Doesn’t need to be Vegas but gosh that is definitely on the wish list.

    • It was our first time there, a great 4 day trip! You need them every now and then, good for the soul!

  2. Never been to Vegas. That’s definitely somewhere I want to visit someday soon.

    • First timers! It was a lot of fun, lots to see and do. We even took the whole dam tour and took lots of dam photos!

  3. Vegas is on my bucket list – not that I’m so much of a gambler – I’d just love to see the skyline!

    • We aren’t either. We did throw a bit in once a day just to try it out, when in Vegas after all! Hubby was lucky, won $500 on $20 – not me though. That was penny slots too, where that $20 could last hours. Good times!

  4. I haven’t been to Vegas in probably 30 years. It really looks different. Great photos.

  5. I’ve never been to Vegas… but I would love to go sometime! Looks like you had a lovely view.

    Wishing you a wonderful day!

    • It was an amazing view! Best of all, oddly quiet, you could really sit on the terrace and relax and you don’t hear a peep when trying to sleep. It was a nice trip, though I’m still trying to recover!

  6. Vegas certainly looks so much different during the night as compared to the day. Happy WW

  7. Vegas is one of those places I always wanted to visit

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