Santa Maria, WEM


Last weekend our family took a little day trip into Edmonton. One stop was to West Edmonton Mall. It used to be the world’s largest mall {record held until 2004}, yet at the equivalent to 48 city blocks, it’s still one huge mall to walk.

One of the girls’ favorite things to do at the mall is check out the Santa Maria, a true replica {hand carved and hand painted} of Christopher Columbus’ ship, inside the mall.

You can view it for free from the sidelines or there’s the option to board the ship and explore for the cost of $1 per person. I say it’s worth the dollar, my kids loved this perfect opportunity to play a little ‘Jake and the Never Land Pirates’ aboard the Santa Maria.

santa maria at west edmonton mall canada


WEM travel canada


santa maria WEM Canada


west edmonton mall ship santa maria


santa maria WEM travel Alberta




  1. That is so awesome!! My kids would love to see that in our mall!!

  2. This looks like FUN!

  3. Very cool that this replica is near you. Fun photos.

  4. What a nice set of photos Captain Hook looks happy heheh!

    Have a hooktastic week

  5. That’s just awesome! Adventure in a mall – who knew?!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous photos Tammi! I have yet to visit Edmonton, but eventually will. I have always wanted to see that mall since I was a child!

  7. Your little Captain Hook is adorable!

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