One Dino-Mite Night at the Royal Tyrrell Museum


The Royal Tyrrell Museum is a popular Canadian tourist attraction in Drumheller, Alberta. The location also referred to as ‘the badlands’, the Tyrrell Museum is a leading centre of palaeontological research noted for its collection of more than 40 dinosaur skeletons with more than 110,000 fossil specimens.

While we have visited this museum many times as a family, my daughter went for the first time with her Girl Guides Troop, and also slept over as part of their Camp-In Program.

A pretty cool trip for kids, she came home raving about everything she learned and saw while there. She is especially proud of the soft fossil she made of a tooth, curently placed on her bedroom shelf with her most prized possessions.

Yet when asked how she liked actually sleeping there, she was a bit hesitant to say it was the greatest. Trying to sleep when a dinosaur Skeleton hovering above you was, “…different and a little creepy, Mom..”. Yet, an incredible experience to say the least.

For her trip, I gave Isabelle a digital camera to capture her own memories. Here is what caught my 8 year olds eye while at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology. I love that I got to actually see what interested her the most, since I’m the one usually taking the photos.

This is Shelly, loved so much by Isabelle that she bought a stuffed turtle and named her Shelly!


tyrrell gift shop


dinosaur tyrrell


royal tyrrell museum

















Save on admission fees by using coupons found in the SUTP as well as their own discounts page online. There is a restaurant at the museum, yet you can pack a lunch, to make your day trip a little more frugal. Each time we go, we have new experiences at the museum, adults and kids alike!.




  1. nathania hunter says

    How cool is that!! I have never seen a dinosaur fossil in person, I will defiantly have to bring my girls here when they start to learn about dinos to!

    • Tammi says

      We took the twins for the first time when they were around 2 years old, their eyes grew big with every turn! lol

  2. says

    What an amazing Museum! My kids would have a blast. They love dinosaurs and are constantly begging to go to a dinosaur museum. We just don’t have one near us.


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