We just finished our Family Day weekend here in Alberta. It kicked off with some fantastic weather, which we certainly took some advantage of.



The rest of the weekend was a bit colder, so we spend most of it indoors: play, shop, eat, sleep, play, shop, eat, sleep. Repeat. Pretty relaxing! We also went and seen ‘Life of Pi’ in theatres yesterday. It was a great movie, very beautifully captured.

How was your weekend?



    • Tammi says

      Oh no! Did you find something else to do in the city instead?
      Which reminds me, I need a Costco trip soon!

  1. susan platana says

    so great to have weekends to relax and spend time with the family, this weekend was all family for us as well, birthday party, indoor movie night, outside play day, baking cookies and cake (ohhh what a mess πŸ˜‰ ), we did miss going down to the cities activity day at the park though, will catch it next year i hope. i love that you were able to take so many photo’s, i always forget about it till after we finish :-(

    • Tammi says

      Sounds like a jam-packed weekend Sue!
      I’m way better at taking photos in the Summer, I get so bored of the same coat and hats and snow in every photo! lol
      Was just talking about this with hubby today, ‘I can’t wait for Summer JUST for more photo opportunities!!”


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