HP Envy x2 Laptop/Tablet {with Photosmart 7520 Printer}


I recently got an exciting review duo from HP, the new and impressive HP Envy x2 Laptop/Tablet Hybrid and a Photosmart 7520 All-in-One Printer. Reasons for the paired products will be explained below, yet first, a little about each.

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Like many, I own and adore my tablet device. When I got it, I believed I’d use it for everything. Yet surprisingly it’s used mainly for checking {not writing} emails and social networks for me, and for games and movies for the kids. Thing is, I’m a keyboard girl, and other than simple swipes and reading, anything ‘work’ doesn’t feel comfortable enough to take on.

So when I have to work outside the home, for trips and events, I take both my laptop and tablet. Yes, I lug around and take up space in my bags for an additional tech item, just for its keyboard.

Which is why I have fallen madly in love with the HP Envy x2, as it’s a Laptop/Tablet.

This aluminum yet super lightweight laptop {at 3.1 lbs} has a keyboard that detaches by simple slider button. And voila, it can also be used as a 1.5 lb tablet. Thin? Oh yes – 0.76″ at it’s thinnest point.

HP Envy x2 Laptop Tablet Hybrid Review

If I thought my HP Envy TouchSmart Ultrabook 4 was easily portable, this is even better. I can literally pop the HP Envy x2 in my purse. My carry-on bags will love me from now on!

HP Envy x2 tablet laptop size

With 2GB of RAM {64GB} and 1.8GHz Intel chip, it doesn’t have enough memory or storage to replace the household laptop. As in, I’ll never be able to download too many RAW photos I take. On the other hand, the screen part and the keyboard part, each have individual batteries. That means a way longer battery life than other laptops or tablets. So, being able to use a full laptop that easily fits into my purse, and trusting the battery to last for a long time, makes up for the limited memory.

HP Envy x2 Tablet Hybrid

Just like my HP Envy TouchSmart Ultrabook 4, it comes pre-loaded with Windows 8, has a touch screen … yes Tammi, it’s a tablet. Of course it has a touch screen. I pointed it out here, only to say it’s nice having the touch screen when using it as a laptop too!

HP Envy x2 Laptop Tablet Windows 8

I did a little cheer when I noticed that it has a slot for a full SD card {and a MircoSD slot in the tablet}, so that I could upload pictures while traveling. Mental note, change my camera to take smaller sizes though, just in case. It’s important to note that competitor products don’t have this!!

HP Envy x2 Laptop Tablet Review

It’s hard not to notice that it does have a generous 11.6-inch screen. This pleased my daughters immensely, since it’s not as much of a struggle to have the three of them crowded around a smaller screen {less fighting mamas!}.

HP Envy x2 review

The HP Envy x2 Laptop/Tablet Hybrid {arv $900 Cdn} has happily impressed me for being one device that can please all members of the family, and cuts down on the products that I have to tote. For music {Beats Audio!}, video, camera {front and rear facing, 8MP}, apps {my oldest loves Fresh Paint the most}, and for being productive when it comes to work – this device has it all. It’s like my new sidekick and will be coming with me everywhere!

NOW, moving along to the HP Photosmart 7520 All-in-One Printer {arv $200} …

Households need a printer, and when you have a laptop/tablet, why not marry it with the HP Photosmart 7520 All-in-One Printer. This particular printer boasts the ‘I can do anything’ motto just like the Envy x2. It’s a photo printer that can Print, copy, scan to e-mail, fax, and access Web content with the color touchscreen. Plus, it can ePrint straight from the Envy x2!

Photosmart 7520 All-in-One Printer Review

This Wifi printer {which takes five individual ink cartridges} is sleek in look with a large 4.33″ touchscreen. It actually resembles a device, which is why immediately I tried taking it off. But, don’t do that, it doesn’t come off. Yet, you can angle it for better viewing.

You do need to read the manual on this one, and set it all up using CD, yet I loved that it you have the option of enabling Google Cloud for printing. As well, the Photosmart 7520 comes pre-loaded with 20 apps with kids activities too.

HP Envy x2 PhotoSmart Printer

Specs aside, because you can read them online anywhere – I’ll just say that having such a compatibility between these two products is devine. So, if I make/find something on my HP Envy x2, I can directly print so easily. And, there’s always something to be said for convenience.

 Where can this HP Love take you?

Valentine’s Day is approaching and the internets is filled with clever and creative ideas, to celebrate the occasion. It’s true that you can do SO MUCH with a laptop/tablet and printer, when it comes to showing that special person in your life, you care. For Valentine’s Day and beyond!

For instance, my own creation from last year, ♥ Photo Valentine’s Day Card Cards and Lollipops ♥, this entire idea can be done with the HP Envy x2 and the Photosmart Printer. Take your photo, edit and add embellishments, print and voila – all you need are lollipops!

Using the HP Envy x2, you can be creative with the apps, music, photo, video, websites … the list goes on and on. Both these products are versatile and made to do pretty much anything together, and the options are endless.

So, my mission to you – How can you use an these products to show someone you care? ♥

Tell me and you can win them both!!!!

HP Envy x2 laptop tablet printer review giveaway

WIN IT: One lucky reader is going to get a HP Envy x2 Laptop/Tablet AND the HP Photosmart 7520 All-in-One Printer, arv $1100.00.

TO ENTER: All you have to do is fill out the form below with your qualifying entries.

♥  This giveaway is a little different than the usual, it’s more creative and fun – just like these featured HP Products. Follow the rules please, not doing so will disqualify you. The mandatory entry, while easy-peesy, is specific. Any copied answers or ‘I want this’, ‘pick me’, etc  – will not fly.

I will collect some of the URL ideas from YOU, in its own ♥ Pinterest Board ♥. It’ll be a great collection of ideas to use all through the year. So, please share and like the ideas {especially yours}. After all, sharing is caring – let’s spread some HP love!

Good luck everyone!!!



Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




    • Joni Owada says

      I forgot to say that I can think of lots of things that I could use this for, making t-shirts for the children, tote bags and presents for grandparents.

  1. Isabelle Simard says

    I’ld go on sites like this and do crafting with the kids. They are really good on their 3DS so it would be easy to understand on a tablet 😉 Hour of pleasure and cleaning :/


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