Cutco and this ‘Domestic Goddess’


My first introduction with Cutco was when my hubby and I moved into our first apartment together. Unpacking the kitchen boxes, I came across the cutlery and noticed a lone knife without a match in the pile. Looking at our new and matchy-matchy sets around me, I didn’t think it would be an issue to throw out this lone knife.

Yet, just as I was giving it a dirty look while walking to the garbage, my hubby lept into the room like a man saving a baby from a fire. “WHAT are you doing? That’s a CUTCO knife!“.

What I didn’t know at the time {besides that I was about to throw out The World’s Finest Cutlery}, was that this table knife would become my absolute favorite to this day. It’s one that is used daily in this house when all those other ‘new ones’ weren’t used even half as much.

I reached for this lone yet brilliant table knife above all others, even 14 years later. Then one time I spotted a friends ultimate Cutco knife block collection, sitting gloriously on her kitchen counter. I decided that someday that precious would be mine. Ahhh, my precious.

So, what happens when a brand I already admire asks me to do a feature on My Organized Chaos? Insert big silly grin, lots of squeeing and happiness at the chance to dive deeper into the company and the products. Match made in heaven.

cutco studio set reviewInternets, I introduce you to ….. {drumroll}
my CUTCO Studio Set with Block , arv $429 including a small poly prep board, wooden knife block and the following CUTCO products:

  • 2-3/4″ Paring Knife
  • Trimmer
  • Spatula Spreader
  • 6-3/4″ Petite Carver

I would recommend this set as a starter set, as the variety covers so many uses. Actually, I can’t think of a kitchen task that can’t be done with one of these including tools.

So, what’s the big deal about Cutco?

For kitchen use, there’s no comparison for quality. Once my hubby showed me how the blade on our Cutco table knife differs from others, the double blade being the most obvious.

If I could describe cutting with Cutco? ‘Like Butter’ {said in my best SNL accent}.

Steaks, fruits, somewhat frozen meats and fish, cheese – anything. It’s like cutting butter. And while Cutco knives are expensive, they really are worth any penny spent. Anyone that uses Cutco will agree to that, especially when you are able to compare between brands in your home. Reality is, there is no comparison.

cutco canada review

So I adore the knives, I’ve gushed a lot here. Yet as you can see there’s a Spatula Spreader in the set above. What’s great about this one, is that I can spread the mayo for sandwiches or peanut butter on toast, then using the same tool – cut. Before I’d use spatula and knife and now I can do it all smoothly with one spreader. It’s one of those products that saves time and energy, and dishes to wash.

cutco spatula spreader

Any Cutco customer will appreciate the Forever Guarantee on their products, which can’t be beat. In other words, if I pass down my Cutco products to my extremely lucky kids or grandkids one day, they still will all be guaranteed, even with no receipt. That includes fixing or if that’s not possible, replacing for free. How’s that for bang for the buck {and never needing to buy these items ever again}?!

cutco paring knife

Another great offer by the company is the Sharpening offer. While my original Cutco Table Knife has never needed sharpening, at any time the company will sharpen your knives and return them to you.

Also great to know: Cutco gives back! The company supports the Children’s Wish Foundation, a percentage of the Homemaker+ 8 sets and bigger sets goes to CWF. I also learned at anyone can become a Cutco consultant, making their passion their business, selling these fine products from home.

cutco trimmer

Compared back to when I was more of a kitchen novice when I actually went to throw a Cutco in the garbage {the horror, the complete shame}, I’ve learned a thing or two in my journey to domestic goddess {heh}. For quality, service and guarantee, no one will come between this gal and her Cutco. That I know for certain.

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Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. wendy hutton says

    would really love the studio set with block, i dont have a knife block and tired of my knives lying around

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