Family Christmas Traditions


This entire month has been a busy yet exciting one, I can’t believe Christmas is only a week away. Wasn’t it just yesterday that the kids went back to school?

There is lots of talk right now about Christmas family traditions, either new ones made or sometimes passed down for generations. Not that you really need an excuse to carry on a tradition, it could be just a preference for how to do things. How to celebrate and take in the holiday season.

Thing is, it wasn’t until I became a parent, that I really understood and valued those traditions that we take in year after year. While we do things a bit differently these years, I still smile at traditions past, when I was a kid.

For instance, when I was little, everyone got to open one gift on Christmas Eve. That was pretty special as a kid, but it also was practice in patience, since it was kind of like opening the floodgates. I vividly remember asking to open ‘just one more’ most Eves, only to be given ‘that look’.

When my immediate family got even bigger, which was in my teen years, gifting then became a ‘draw’, so that you only bought for one person instead of dozens upon dozens. So, our kickoff to the holidays was with the ‘draw party’, which was always a fun time.

Since we lived close to the citys biggest and best skating rink when I was younger, going skating with friends and neighbors was always a tradition.

The hope I have for my kids one day, is not to necessarily keep alive the same traditions that we do now, but to respect and admire past ones while making  future ones.

It’s not ‘just a day’ and not about the gifts, but it’s an entire season of spending time together and cherishing those we love.

In 12 Days of Christmas fashion, here are 12 of our current family Christmas traditions.

  • Making, addressing and sending Holiday Photo Cards with the kids. They love being able to stuff and lick the envelopes. A tradition, since I would never take on this task alone, it’s a family effort!
  • Decorating the tree and entire house together, while watching a Christmas movie. It cannot be done without the festive movie playing in the background
  • Our tree is never perfect, yet holds ornaments with much tradition and history.
  • Taking a drive and going on a light tour with hot chocolate
  • Christmas Eve is always appetizer night, a potluck with the family, trying old favorites and new recipes. A chance to graze before the almightly feast
  • ‘Twas the night Before Christmas’ is always read to the kids before bed on Christmas Eve. It’s actually the book of my hubbys, that his parents read to him when he was little. Now, he reads to our children.
  • Everyone gathers together Christmas morning to open presents together, stocking have to come first.
  • Christmas dinner is always held at my in-laws house. As well, Santa leaves a gift for each of the kids there as well, so they open one more additional gift right before dinnertime
  • We always, always have a huge Butterball turkey on Christmas Day
  • Once we’ve finished eating, everyone gets a dish to take home leftovers
  • On boxing day, we those delicious leftovers either in another full dinner form, or trying a new turkey leftover recipe. I have Northwoods Maple-Mustard Turkey Sandwich bookmarked for this year
  • Lastly, we always take down the tree before the new year starts


So, What are your Christmas traditions? Are they new or are they passed down?


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  1. says

    Well for me it’s all about the Christmas dinner, as well as the usual stuff we always have stuffing balls and pigs in blankets (little sausages wrapped in bacon incase anyone didn’t know) and this came from my parents so I guess that is one of our traditions!

      • says

        Aww cool :) and the kids will love it, you can get them to help make them as well. Don’t forget the little cocktail sticks to hold the sausages together!

  2. Whitney Lee says

    Coming from a split family, we never really had any family traditions because I was rarely ever in the same place or with the same group of people. Last year I moved in with the love of my life, and he and I have started our own family traditions. Each Christmas (well, last year and this year so far) I purchase a Christmas tree ornament that Andrew gets to open Christmas eve to hang on the tree. Hopefully once we have a family of our own that will be starting their own family(ies), we will be able to pass the ornaments along for others to enjoy and remember!

  3. Kat E. says

    We also open one present on Christmas Eve! We get a new ornament for the tree every year ~ a souvenir ornament from that year’s vacation.

  4. shaunie w says

    I think too that older traditions dont necessarily have to be kept but try to keep them as long as possible.

  5. Adriana G says

    Christmas is an enjoyable time when we make it enjoyable and the memories are cherished forever. We open our Christmas presents on Christmas morning at our house!

  6. Judy C says

    Sounds like you have some great traditions in your family. We open all our presents on Christmas morning and then together make a yummy breakfast.

  7. Kim says

    My family traditions include re-watching all of our favorite Christmas movies, eating a specially made breakfast casserole/quiche on Christmas morning, and we get new ornaments every year. My mom started that one when we were babies; that way we have a collection of our own ornaments when we get our own homes.


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