Appetizer Recipes

One of my favorite things about entertaining is the opportunity to make and serve a variety of appetizers and finger foods.

Versus a big sit-down meal, this is more casual and relaxed, and allows for guests to eat at leisure. Many recipes can also be made ahead of time, so it’s more relaxing for the host as well.

You don’t need to get fancy or make complicated recipes to impress, as I’ve learned over the years. Simple, yet tasty is a huge win.

Snacks, champagne and drinks, and visits with good friends and family. That’s all you need to ring in the New Year!

Here are some Appetizer Recipes for your New Years Celebration, all easy yet delicious. Together they offer such a variety of flavors, textures and tastes.

Just click on each individual photo in the slideshow, to be taken to the recipe!

Enjoy and Happy New Year![/tps_header]




  1. Belinda McNabb says

    Thanks for sharing! They all look good and so easy to make. I especially can’t wait to try the Hawaiian meatball recipe.

    Happy New Year!!!

  2. Helene Tienda says

    Great Recipes!! I think I could even handle these. They look so yummy!! Thanks!!!!


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