2012 in Review {an Absolutely Amazing Year}


Time {and life in general} goes by way too fast, and sometimes you don’t even realize the cumulation of blessings and experiences that can happen in the span of 12 months, until you actually look back and put it into writing.

For the first time on this site, I’m dedicating a blog post on an entire 2012 in Review. And, my goal is to continue this in future years as well.

After all, I envision my kids one day being huge fans and faithful readers of this space, and organizing a year of our lifes into one easy-to-reference post, would be helpful for them.

So, here are the highlights {and lowlights} of our chaotic 2012, with links to all the posts and stories on the mentioned events…

JANUARY started on a sour note as I had to have surgery, which took more time than expected to recover {thanks to a reaction to medications}. Yet, we all survived with stories to tell, and I was actually glad to get that out of the way early in the year. It could only get better, right? Taking the time off and not being able to move too much made me really appreciate the small things and cherish the sweet life. In other words, I took more time to really SEE my kids. It was an insightful yet calm month of reflection, highly needed to start the New Year.

FEBRUARY was a month to get back into the game and kickstart that game of Ninja Parenting. The girls started swimming classes, and we went to the movies a few times {I was thrilled the twins finally sat through a whole movie}. The girls loved giving out their photo Valentine’s Day cards, and actually carried around the ones given to them by friends, for months.

In MARCHconfessed of how I missed the nightly visits from the littles trying to sneak into my room to sleep. For years I begged for a full nights sleep but surprisingly missed being ‘needed’ less and less. Miss Katie demonstrated her singing abilities, and let’s not forget the twins impeccable choice for fashion.

APRIL was a whirlwind of travel, first a trip with hubby to Riviera Maya, Mexico with a stay at the Iberostar Resort.

After a restful week in Mexico, hubby and I came home and told the kids {video} that they were soon going on a sunny vacay in April too – we were going to Walt Disney World for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. One of my greatest memories of all time, will be the look on my kids’ faces when we walked into Magic Kingdom, especially when Isabelle saw the castle for the first time.

So, we ended April in Florida, with a huge Family Pirate Party where the twins were in complete an utter AWE at meeting the characters from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. It was also beyond cool that the families attending the celebration got DinoLand USA all to ourselves for an evening, free to roam with free games and no lines for any rides. And, I went on an exciting Wild Africa Trek. Hello, Disney World! Wow! 

We began MAY in Walt Disney World as well, staying at Disney’s Yacht Club with a sneak peek at Disney’s Art of Animation Resorts, before it was even open to the public. ‘The Nemo’ pool is one that the girls still talk about regularly even a year later. I completely cried like a baby and help my family close when watching the spectacular and breathtaking Fireworks at Cinderella’s Castle. Seeing this, will always be on my ‘OMG’ moments of my life, truly amazing!

The entire Walt Disney World experience left me forever a changed parent when I realized that you might only have 18 Summers with your children. You really DO have to make the most of each. I’m really so very fortunate that I got to Make Disney World Memories {even via a cherished video} with my family. I mean, see how incredibly happy my kids are at Disney World?! Simply incredible!

Yet, after #DisneySMMoms, we stayed in Florida to sightsee another week {in one magnificent property}, thanks to All Star Vacation Homes. It was our fist time visiting Sea World and Clearwater Beach too!

In JUNE, Isabelle and I had a long overdue girls day where just her and I did nails, supper and giggled. This moment truly made me smile.  Yet it was also the month where I had one massive detergent mess that ruined family keepsakes. That made me swear, a lot. Yet, worse things do and can happen, so a venting was necessary, in order to pick up and carry on. Being June and Canada, we loved the end of Winter and ran carefree in the Summer warmth again.

I ended June with a trip to NY with fellow #FisherPriceMoms to visit Fisher-Price Headquarters where I learned about the company, new products while also felt the nostalgia over past vintage Fisher-Price products.

In JULY my Twins turned the big 4 {already?}, and again I felt the sadness of kids growing up, especially with the nickname they have for their older sister. All girls went to to Gymnastics Summer Camp and we took in a fun day at Capital Ex in Edmonton. Other days in July were spent at the Splash Park, taking walks and having BBQ’s on the deck. How I love the Summer months!

In AUGUST I crossed a must-see city on my travel bucket list – I went to New York City for BlogHer’12. Know what? The ‘I ā™„ NY’ t-shirts are right after all, I adore this city! My favorite moments had to be actually BEING IN a flash mob {at Times Square, might I add} and shopping with some fantastic friends.

In August I also went to Azul Beach House by Karisma in Cancun, Mexico with my fellow Fisher-Price Play Ambassadors to learn all about the amenities and services offered at the resort, along with the hotels partnership with Fisher-Price. A trip alongside great friends, to Mexico for 4 days? Ya, it was a pretty big {and insanely fun} deal.

I wasn’t home long before I left again in August, this time to Los Angeles for a few days, for the #DisneyInHomeBloggers annual event. There I visited Walt Disney Studios once again, marveled in the wonder of Disney’s Animation Research Library, celeb spotted at the West Hollywood Hotel {on the Sunset Strip} and had a blast at Disneyland for the first time ever, and without kids!

I made a photo slideshow of all the fun the kids and I had over the Summer months {recall my mention of the importance to 18 Summers?}. Yes, we certainly made the most of Summer 2012. It was incredible.

SEPTEMBER marked the start of school, Grade 3 for Isabelle and Preschool for the Twins.

Early into the month we told the kids that we were going to Disneyland. But, why fly when you have the fortunate opportunity to sail and dine on the Disney Wonder {first timers!}. So sailed we did, right down the West coast from Vancouver to California, in order to get to Disney Parks. This 9 day trip included a 2 day stop at San Francisco, which is a remarkable city to roam.

Isabelle got to celebrate her 8th birthday AT Disneyland on September 18th, with the deluxe treatment at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Really, how could I ever top that birthday?

I feel so very blessed to again have a magical Disney opportunity and what a pixie-dusted trip that was. We fell in love with cruising and with Disneyland as a family, and it was once again confirmed that Disney does it right and everything from their caring cast members to every attention to detail in any place you look, can’t be beat.

In OCTOBER, I took Isabelle to her very first concert, the Justin Bieber BELIVEtour, with a meet and greet {she was beyond thrilled}. Saying goodbye to Summer was hard, yet I embraced the Fall beauty by taking some outdoor photos of the kids.

As well, we  had another epic adventure In October with our Fisher-Price Families, when my family took a Carribean Cruise on Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas. Learning about Royal Caribbean’s partnership with Fisher-Price, we loved the reunion with great friends. Our entire family vacation as well as relaxing in Ft. Lauderdale, Labadee and Cozumel. My newfound love for cruising was married with my long-time love of the Caribbean, we were all in bliss for 10 days straight.

NOVEMBER started marked the start of my 5th Annual Holiday Gift Guide, which is always a popular yet time-consuming event. Yet, I also got a new blog design, which was a fun and refreshing way to change up this site. I’m still so happy with the ‘new place’, pretty comfortable here! I took the kids sledding, even though it’s a well-known fact that I despise Winter. We kicked off the holiday season with a day at the Festival of Trees. Oh, I got the most darling vido of the twins dancing to ‘Gangnam Style’, it’s a smile-producer for sure.

In DECEMBER the {heritage} tree went up, I poke about Christmas traditions of past, present and future and did some family holiday baking with Kraft Canada. The twins started Ballet Classes and disaster happened in CT which made the world cry. I held my kids tighter, told them I loved them more and {still and always will} feel so much sorrow. I then took a week off work {almost totally unplugged, which never happens unless I’m on a beach with a tropical beverage in hand}, to celebrate Christmas 2012 with my beloved family. And it was magnificent.

Oy, Let’s not forget all the cooking and baking that my undomesticated self did through the year, with so many recipes posted on My Organized Chaos as well.

…. Here’s to 2012 and the amazing opportunities, experiences and shared blessings I had with my work here on My Organized Chaos and with family. I’m very grateful for the past year and all the memories, smiles and even the tears that happened.

As I learned, grown and persisted with hard work, dedication and good old fashioned fun and giggles with the kids, whether watching a movie to exploring the countryside. 2012 is almost over, but with it brings more adventures, possibilities and good times in 2013. And yes, more delicious recipes as well.





  1. Sandra Conner says

    Wow! You lead a very exciting life :)
    I love the “shocked” face your daughter has on in one of the pictures….

    Simply Awesome!

  2. says

    Wow, that looked like a great year. Just the look in your kids eyes in those Disney World pictures shows how much of a great experience it was for them. Hopefully, we’ll be able to go there next year. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  3. heather holmberg says

    WOw, your daughter is such a mini you ! twins ! that is great . I am thrilled to have found your blog this year, lots of great content ..and contests !!! keep up the great work !


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