Weekend Chaos ~ Gangnam Style


A lazy Saturday in the house of Chaos means laundry, cleaning and nail painting and Gangnam Style?

Yet, there’s also music and dancing in the mix, it just makes those chores go down a little easier.
Like a spoonful of sugar. Kinda.

Here the twins demonstrate their Gangnam Style. I was doing well with keeping the giggles at bay until the very end.

Sorry for the snorts, but their finale is just too hilarious!



  1. T. Roy says:

    You guys are silly!

  2. brenda says:

    Absolutely priceless; you should send to Ellen

  3. Lana Thompson says:

    Apparently I live under a rock, because I haven’t heard Gangnam Style before! I had to google it after! It was too funny! And you gotta have fund while doing chores – go girls!

    • The video is hilarious and it’s a song that is easily stuck in the head. Makes you wanna dance!!! ;)

  4. The girls are adorable as always. My kids love to have Gangnam Style turned on and they dance to it as well!!!!! When it comes on the radio, we love to “improvise” dance in the car…hehe….

  5. angela m says:

    The was so cute.. LOL

  6. Josee P says:

    Music and dancing; perfect remedy for chores

  7. Very cute :) My 2 year old enjoyed watching.


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