Mom’s Livin’ on the Edge Again!

That’s right folks, I’m Livin’ on the Edge again! Watch out!

Honestly, so I can’t even recall the last time this happened. When my van says it’s empty, it means it. There isn’t much of a warning, believe me.

Stranded with 3 kids in the car? NOT my idea of a good time, freaks the bajesus out of me!




  1. says

    I have to admit I let mine go really low all the time. Til I’m sweating in hopes I make it to the gas station. I mean why stop unless you REALLY need gas lol.


    • Tammi says

      Mine is so strange, when that light come son – you GO GO to the nearest station. Hardly any warning at all! lol

  2. says

    NOT a good feeling, driving on empty. According to Kramer on Seinfeld – it’s liberating! (LOL – if you haven’t seen that episode – you should try). Thanks for hosting and have a great week.


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