My Twins are 4!

Surrounded by friends and family we rang in the celebration of the big 4. Wow, 4.

I have 4 year old twin babies! Where has the time gone?


Happy Birthday Katelyn & Sophia!





  1. says

    I love how they are complete opposites in appearance :) Dark hair with light eyes, light hair with dark eyes. Both gorgeous!

  2. says

    So cute! So next year are they starting the big Kindergarten? Or are you waiting until they turn 6? What will you do with yourself then? They grow up so fast! Happy Birthday to them.

    • Tammi says

      They start preschool next year, a whopping 1.5 hrs {twice a week} to myself. Woot!
      .. wait, minus the days I have to help out at the school.. lol
      Just enough time to grab a much needed coffee alone. Looking forward to it!


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