Shocking Vintage Ads


Advertising has certainly changed over the years, these shocking vintage ads will make your jaw drop – some just plain disturbing!

Cause you want to grease down baby with oil before exposing them to UV rays…?!?

Seriously? OMG!

I have no words for these ones, I think the shock speaks for itself…




  1. Oh wow… so much has changed!

    • Tammi says:

      Can you imagine if these were in circulation these days, Even by mistake?! the uproar!!!

  2. Omg! I can’t even believe they advertised like that at one point! Wtf? Some of those were sick! :/

  3. chris says:

    A few of those are spoof – taken from another site (read the wording closely and look at the alterations – they are noticable. The baby oil one is cute, though.

  4. Laura says:

    The meat grinder one is my favourite. That’s pretty creepy.

    • Tammi says:

      Oh yes – that is awesome. If anything, maybe it was circulated after the ‘man stepping on woman in bear carcass’? Kinda a – take that!! lol

  5. it really is a reminder of how far we’ve come, but also a wakeup call to those who try to halt future changes.

  6. I don’t think THAT much has changed or that we’ve come as far as we’d like to think. The world is still inhabited but men who think this way and work in marketing, advertising, etc. We still hear “make me a sandwich” jokes ALL the time because they’re just SO hilarious, right? Women working and not staying at home is still looked down on, even in recent Hollywood films about the career woman who has it all but is completely miserable until she finds the ~right guy~ to settle down with.
    These ads are pretty funny if you think we’re past that and maybe these messages aren’t as blatant in ads anymore, but they are certainly still widely circulated in a number of other media. We’ve grown smarter as a collective, yes, but marketers and advertising firms have acknowledged that. They’re smarter with their delivery too. Things might seem tame now in comparison to 50 years ago but there’s still a long, long way to go.

  7. *by men, rather, and for that matter, by women who think this way as well!

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