Facebook Charging for Status Updates


Recall my post two weeks ago about Facebook Charging for Status Updates? Well, it seems that these new changes have taken affect, and I’m not too happy about it.

See this on my Fanpage?

What’s that Facebook? … {who is busy twirling his moustache with an evil grin}
Let’s look closer:

Oh I see, so Facebook has hidden my updates to most of my fans. Yet, for a price of up to $30, I can FORCE that particular status into my fans’ newsfeeds and thus freeing them from hostage. Shame on you, Facebook!

We all know each Facebook change comes with much criticism but this has to be the lowest. And it’s also funny that I’m not offered to buy for ALL my fans to see either, just a percentage.

In the world of blogging, business, marketing and social media advertising – where does this lead? Will some in my line of work start charging companies they work with, a ‘Facebook Promoting Fee‘ to have certain status updates promoted? Meh, I’m sure it’ll happen, but in my opinion it’s word of mouth and not I’m-paying-to-shove-this-in-your-face.

I guess we’ll start to notice when you see an update constantly at the top of your home page. Don’t worry my hard-earned and wonderful fans, I won’t be stooping so low as to push some cash under the door so that you choke on my updates. That would be rude!

As my Facebook Fan {or anyone else’s for that matter}, how do you feel about having your news and updates hidden not by your choice, then auctioned off at a set price?

Likewise, If you have a fanpage I’d love to know your opinion on what this means for your page.

To hopefully allow you to keep seeing my Facebook Fanpage updates, make sure to ‘Like’ my posts from time to time and even click that little ‘FB like button’ you see below this post. For the time being anyway, it just might work to free you from Facebook-Hostage. Well, that is until FB charges users for the network altogether … it has to come sometime!

Other ways to connect with My Organized Chaos: Twitter and Google+ and even get your updates by email or RSS.

Tsk, Tsk, Tsk…..



  1. chris says

    Not surprising. Look at the timing. Also, consider the stock is starting to tank after only a week or so. Stupid to offer stock on something which isn’t tangible – there is nothing “real” about FB. They have to make money for the shareholders.

    • Tammi says

      Well said, Chris. If this doesn’t get the results they are hoping for – what’s next?

      • chris says

        Probably a phasing out of FB for something “shinier and brighter” – and hopefully not followed up with silly stock options with nothing to back them.

  2. says

    That is ridiculous and highly annoying. I’m off to check my page now. I have really focused on FB for following purposes and if FB is hiding my posts, I see it was for nothing. I may have to start putting more energy towards G+. Crap.

  3. says

    Hmm, my first reaction was very negative. I thought, what happened to “Facebook is free and always will be”? And yeah, the whole thing seemed kind of sleezy.

    FB claims this change won’t affect the current behaviour/exposure of unpromoted posts, but it inherently will if promoted posts are constantly being pushed ahead.

    Then I thought, if FB handled it like Kijiji, clearly separating/labelling sponsored posts, this wouldn’t be too bad. Given many business have their main (or only) presence on FB now, I see how this could have appeal. But if it all comes at the expense of smothering out posts which are not promoted, I’m not a “fan”.

    • Niki says

      I think it has to do with letting your existing fans see your updates. “Get more people who like your Page to see this post” It seems they don’t let all of your Likees see it.
      Kind of rude, eh?

      • Tammi says

        Yes, I think that’s what’s going on. It says that a % of my fans see it, and if you want more to – here’s the cost. Just terrible….

  4. says

    It is frustrating for website owners like us that spent time building their readers on Facebook. But this company is looking at alternative revenue models – can’t just charge for ads.

    • Tammi says

      That’s right Steve. They have ads and always have. If we wanted that promotion, we would have. This is one way to almost force ads.


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