Our Walt Disney World Memories Video


Recently I made a ‘Memories Video’ of our first} trip to Walt Disney World. Made as a keepsake for the family to watch now and years later, I also wanted to share our memories with you as well. Good times are meant to be shared, right?

Even though my Wordless Wednesday’s are always photos of interesting moments in my life, this video is full of favorite moments. So a video it shall be.

So have a great week everyone and remember to take some time to slow down your chaos and appreciate life, your kids, laughter and fun.

Check out my other Disney World posts from our time at the
Disney Social Media Moms Celebration 2012.





    • Tammi says

      Thanks Steve, it was such a blast!
      I use iMovie ’11, so easy to use but I wish they had more templates

  1. says

    Awesome video! My WW post is Disney again too! I think we were there close to the same time. I wasn’t there for Disney Social Media Moms Celebration (although I would have loved to have attended!) but I was there around the same time it was going on. Seems like that happens every year, LOL!

    Happy WW ΒΊoΒΊ

    • Tammi says

      I caught your post and possibly one from last week too {?}, and was wondering if we went at the same time. Would have been great to meet up!
      Maybe next year?! πŸ˜›


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