Great Moments in Parenting


Parenting never comes easy, we all know that. Even the simplest of things, like cooking, can really make you feel like such a terrible parent. Case and point, me vs the BBQ. For years I have tried to master the art of grilling, and sadly, I feel like I’m getting no-where. But I try. And try again.

This weekend I attempted to grill hamburgers. Sounds simple right? Nope, I ended up with 2 burnt patties and 2 which broke into pieces causing a ton of smoke on the grill. I actually set off our smake alarm IN the house while BBQing outdoors. *sigh*

I brought in the not so pleasant looking remains and, considered theΒ alternativeΒ of last minute delivery. I’m not sure if Isabelle saw the defeated look on my face or if she heard me swearing like a sailor at the BBQ, but she did something that almost brought me to tears.

She made herself a ‘so-called hamburger’, and took a bite,
Mom, you are the best cook in the whole world. Thank’s for cooking for us“.

Bless her sweet heart, the burgers were terrible! But, her kindness turned that mom-fail into a very proud moment. It’s true that the simple and unexpected times do make the greatest moments in the journey called parenting.

I love this girl to pieces!



    • Tammi says

      Thanks so much, it’s a great quality to have, I sure hope she always keeps kindness first!

    • Tammi says

      Much better then the usual ‘Ewwwwww!!!’ that I hear from the twins!
      MUCH better!


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