Silence ~ Wordless Wednesday with Linky

Right after the bath, just before bed.

That time of silence when all is calm before the bedtime-chaos hits. In this case, in a trance-like state with 15 minutes of a cartoon. Yet it’s golden silence nonetheless. #Love


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  1. So sweet!

  2. Aww! they are winding down LOL

    Thanks for linking up :-)

  3. That kind of silence IS golden! And they are just TOO cute!
    ~ Raylene

  4. How sweet!!

  5. AW! Isn’t that the best time of the day:)

  6. ahh, that silence IS so golden…so short lived too :)

  7. They are adorable! I love their matching nighties! They must be Disney fans for sure!

    • Tammi says:

      HUGE Kristi, luckily I have lots of Disney clothes from my oldest, but the matching? Everyone knows what they like for gift-time!

  8. Oh, they are tired. Cartoons are so soothing.

  9. Ah, they are so cute!

  10. Awwww how adorable!! Happy w/w!

  11. Adorable! I always loved the winding down part of the day when mine were little.

  12. My favorite part of the day is right before bed. It’s usually quiet here too. I think they believe that I might not realize it’s bedtime if they are extra quiet lol.

  13. Usually there is no silence before bedtime. We have some when they get into bed though.

    • Tammi says:

      The process of getting them to bed isn’t so quiet. Once they fall asleep though? OMG, my fave time of the day!!! lol

  14. Adorable!


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