Otterbox Cases, Defend and Protect!


If there’s one thing I can tell you from experience, it’s not to wait until you have a damaged device before you think of a Otterbox Cases. There are so many daily hazards that can come between you and a working phone, so it’s best to wrap some protection around it, for the future. ‘Cause it will happen, you know!

There are many device covers on the market, yet there’s nothing quite like an Otterbox product, like a shield of armor. I’ve even heard stories of people running over their phones with their car, yet the phone was Ok cause it had an Otterbox cover on it. It may not be that extreme of an incident, yet you pay dearly for that phone and the littlest scratch or drop can do a lot of damage.

When thinking of gifting ideas this Christmas, I tend to think on the practical side – what does said person Need? What do they have and like, that can be improved on. For instance, those with an iPad or any smartphone – do they have a case for it? Asking yourself this question may help you with a few gifts you need to buy still.

The Defender Series cases are a popular line among a moms and dads, since they protect against kiddo-inflicted damage – drops, dings, fingerprints and all the chaos in between. It’s the case with the most protection, offering 3 layers and is termed, ‘almost indestructible’ {aka, yes, it should be alright around kids}.  From classic black to a RealTree Camo design, there’s something to suit any taste. But most of all, it’s like getting someone some insurance – again, speaking from my own heartbreaking and expensive experience.

I’m always being asked about my own Otterbox Defender Series case, much curiosity over it’s features and reliability. Some of the most common answers I reply with: it’s not as heavy as it looks, I can hear and be heard just fine. And, clumsy me, my phone is dropped daily and shows not one sign of the fact. This case is one of my favorite ‘things’, so if you think it might make the perfect gift this year {for yourself or someone else}, it will!

Another statement I get frequently is, “those are the expensive cases, right?”. To that I say prices range from $19.95 – $49.95 {for smartphones}, depending on what level of protection you might need. Yet considering those plastic flimsy cases are about $20 at the mall, I scoff at the expensive statement. Again from that terrible experience {cry} I had before my Otterbox, it’s a minor price when compared to a replacement phone.


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




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