Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition

I don’t think Monopoly is a board game that needs a formal introduction, it’s been around since 1934 {!!}. Millions have shaken the hands dice of this iconic and much-loved game that most likely started the craze of ‘family game night’. I recall back in the BC {before child} days, hubby and I would play Monopoly weekly, always a fun time sitting at the table. There were laughs and there may have been scowls {he beats me every time!}, but regardless, it’s one game that I would easily call my favorite.

New to us is the MONOPOLY Electronic Banking Edition. Intended for ages 8 and up, I was all too happy to get this game from HASBRO for review. After so many years of Go Fish and memory games, playing such a classic makes me want a bag of chips to celebrate! Now, if you are like us and haven’t played Monopoly in years for fear that the kids will take your money and run {literally}, read on!

Think you know Monopoly?

Here’s the scoop on Monopoly: Electronic Banking

Make your millions with MONOPOLY Electronic Banking! Keep your finances at your fingertips with MONOPOLY Electronic Banking and 6 cool bank cards! So it’s your birthday? Collect gifts from your generous opponents with the swipe of a card! Pick up your hard-earned salary at the touch of a button! Time to pay rent? Get it paid quickly with the fun, fast Banking Unit! Having your own personal bank card keeps play fast and lets you check your cash in an instant. Just like real life…but much more fun!

The opportunities are rich in MONOPOLY Electronic Banking! Track your cash electronically as you buy properties, pay bills and collect gifts and debts from your opponents. You might be rolling in the dough, but don’t forget to strategize if you want to win big!

Though the game is still played the same way, this new version is updated, more modern and is par with todays inflation. Who carries so much paper bills around with them anymore? Debit cards are the way to go. The measly poor tax of 1934? Ha! This game has a much higher income tax than the classic version, yet you now collect $2M when you pass ‘Go’, not $200 {yes, that would be $2 million}. The little puppy and signature top hat? How about cruising around the board on a Segway or roller blades!

With the new edition, I appreciate that there’s less parts for the kids to get ahold of. For years I have dreaded dusting off our classic Monopoly game, for fear that the kids would have a field day with the bits, leaving the game rendered lifeless. Especially when it takes so long to play a game, there was always no hope of keeping the kids away for such a time. Yet, this version has an easier banking method, and the no fussing with all that money – means faster play. So hooray for the modern version!


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




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