HP TouchSmart Desktop Computer

Thanks to HP, my home office has a new HP TouchSmart 320-1050 Desktop computer {6GB}. Yet, unlike my previous desktop that got the almighty boot to make room for the new addition, the HP TouchSmart hasn’t a separate tower and only has one cord – just the power cord. It’s an all-in-one PC, all the ‘innards’ tucked neatly inside the very flat monitor {say what?}. The side of the monitor has a slot-load SuperMulti DVD Burner and a SD card spot too. So, what you see is the monitor {which could very well be mistaken for a TV}, and the wireless and sleek keyboard and mouse. That’s it.

With the previous monstrosity that called the desk home, with all the cords and bulky parts to it, we dared not move it from its place. There it sat heavily for years. Yet, the HP TouchSmart is quite portable, there’s just the power cord, so it could easily be moved to any room of the house. As well, I’m not a person to ever watch movies on a tablet or a laptop, there’s just no appeal to me with such a small screen size {unless when traveling, of course}. Yet the generous 20” widescreen HD {LED backlit} screen is a different case, hello online viewing!

Navigation is fast, easy and effortless {by way of keyboard or touchscreen} for both daughter and I. I have to admit, having used to a Mac Laptop for the last year, I’m loving Windows 7 – it actually feels so comforting and familiar cruising a PC again.

HP’s Magic Canvas software is a gem, just swipe your way through the the icons of programs. Photos, videos, documents and notes – Magic Canvas allows for a fuss-free hub of programs. Also fun and worth a mention: Dr Dre-endorsed Beats Audio for astonishing media entertainment.

With the HP TouchSmart Desktop you don’t need a separate photo editor, stocked is a program to fully edit all photos from desktop or a sharing site, right there. Again, it’s a convenient feature that I use a lot for blogging and adding effects to my own photos without using a 3rd party editor.

A great addition to our home, we use this desktop for both business and for family entertainment. Setup was a breeze, along with an ease of user-ability for even the kids. Encompassing so many features and for all the power and punch that a desktop provides, it also keeps up with the growing consumer need for a compact and ‘touching’ product. {heh}



Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.





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