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Kids My Organized Chaos Holiday Gift Guidevtech vreader review giveawayI discovered e-readers this year, and am pretty impressed if I must say. And, loving all ‘Mommy’s toys’, my daughters are so curious about my new gadget and want to play with it all the time. My oldest, having a newfound love for reading, constantly asks if she can use it. But, alas, some things Mom does not share {coffee is one, and my gadgets are another}. So, I was happy for my kids to test drive the new VTech V.Reader, an interactive e-reading system. Or, can I say that I was thrilled that this just might get them off my case {Hey, I’m honest!}.

First off, I was impressed that the V.Reader is recommended for ages 3-7, talk about convenient when it hits all my kids’ ages! Let’s compare the look to an adult e-reader or tablet – yet a fun and kid-friendly overhaul was mastered. It has a 3.5″ color touch screen, a stylus, a full QWERTY keypad and other colored buttons for the games and stories.

vtech V.Reader review my organized chaosIncluded with the VTech V.reader is one game {each game has 3 ways to play: Watch the Story, Reading Games, and Story Dictionary} and it also comes with a coupon to download 3 free books online, yet you have to have an SD card on hand to do so. Personally, I really don’t like downloading games {all those steps!}, and would rather just purchase the cartridges in stores, for the better selection. Plus, then you have them, and I like tangible things when it comes to gaming. There is currently 45 different titles available from known characters such as Sesame Street to National Geographic nonfiction titles for the older kids. So it’s a great selection for learning readers to the advanced. And, to get more titles for purchasing, parents download the VTech Learning Lodge Navigator. You do need to have a SD card to take advantage of the offer of the 3 free books, so luckily I had one on hand.

vtech vreader free gamesAs far as usability is concerned, my oldest didn’t blink at navigation. I was a little weary about the twins, yet in seconds they showed me that they could do just fine, especially with the coloring book game. Albeit, I do have to help them with the buttons since they’re used to just touch screen – but they catch on quick. And, learning is what VTech handheld learning systems are all about! Though the v.reader will never replace good old fashioned books {in my book, ha!}, yet this is a great supplementation to reading and learning. For the younger ones, it gets them interested in reading and for my oldest, it’s practice and fun. And then there’s the attraction to having what Mom has – well, that’s priceless in itself!

The V.Reader by VTech {ARV 69.99} can be found in all stores that carry VTech products, as well as online. And, remember to keep the cartridges in mind when others ask what to gift your kid. The cartridges come at a regular price of $24.99 each. As well, theres cute little tote cases for V.Readers, which I’m sure my kids will be asking about soon.


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. Christina Gould says

    I’d love to have the V.Reader Storage Tote Pink for my daughter. Thanks for the giveaway!

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