Chicken Pox Lolipop? Vaccination Paranoia Leads to Pox Parties


At some point in parenthood, Chicken Pox is always discussed between the Moms of a play group. I know we did in mine! And the discussion always surrounded whether or not to purposely arrange a playdate with other kids who had Chicken Pox {a firm belief that getting it an an early age is better than an outbreak when older}.

As of today, neither of my 3 girls have had chicken pox {Yet, they have all been vaccinated for it}. Many automatically think that getting the vaccine prevented Chicken Pox, but in reality, a vaccinated person can still get a very mild form. But, even a mild form is still better than full blown Chicken Pox, which can lead to serious hospitalization and even death.

I recently read about some parents whom have gone to great extremes to make sure their kids get chickenpox, exactly when they want them to. Apparently, that route is by purchasing pox-infected lolipops! Forget selling used clothing and unwanted items on Kijiji and Facebook, people have been selling infected items covered in saliva from kids who have Chicken Pox! The most popular item? Lolipops! And, some have gone for a whopping $50 each! Seriously!?

One question remains when you spend that much on the lolipop: do you infect just your own kids or have a ‘pox-party‘ and charge admission to all the neighborhood parents? Many have seen parties such as these being advertised as well. Yet, I’m pretty sure that mailing viruses and possibly even giving virus-infected food on purpose to others, is against the law – at least I’d hope it would be!

What do you think of Chicken Pox Lolipops and Pox-Parties?
Have you actually seen these advertised in your area?




  1. Pox party- yes.

    Pox lolly? No.

    I’d rather chance it. I haven’t seen these advertized, but have now heard about them a few times today. Odd.

  2. Hailey says:

    Pox party – I’m not completely opposed.

    Pox Lolly – totally think that’s just gross….more specifically from some kid you don’t know. blech…

    Neither of my kids have had chicken pox either – I’m curious to see how that all plays out as they aren’t immunized against them. Time will tell I suppose…

    • Hailey – I didn’t think I’d ever had Chicken Pox. Then, when I was PG with the twins, I was tested by the doc, just to be sure. The tests came back that I did, in fact, have Chicken Pox at one time in my life – and I neither my Mother noticed….??
      I didn’t think it could go unnoticed like that. So, it makes me wonder if maybe my kids have had it…?

      • Hailey says:

        funny…though considering your mom had 7 kids, i don’t think it is unreasonable that she may not have remembered each child’s bout with the pox…buut if you don’t remember…strange…is it possible to have a natural immunity?

        guess we will have to wait and see….shall i send you a lolly when the time comes? lol

  3. brenda says:

    What is this world coming to???

  4. Stephanie says:

    I have never heard of either and I disagree with both methods….

  5. Disgusting! That must be child abuse no? Because even though you’re purchasing a lollipop infected with saliva, who knows what else it’s infected with. There are literally thousands of diseases (some serious) that are passed with bodily fluids – hepatitis B can live outside the body for 7 days!!!

    • Tammi says:

      Exactly Lena – who knows what could be all over it, it’s from a stranger after all! We teach our kids to not take candy from strangers, yet some parents would buy it from them! Crazy!

  6. So we have parents buying a lollipop that was licked by a sick kid for $50… This makes logical sense? Not to me!

  7. angela m says:

    I have never heard of either of these methods and i don’t agree with it…
    My 1 year old daughter just got chicken pox a few months ago, but my 6 year old never got it..

  8. That is so weird! I would think that by the time that you get them, the virus would be shot. My kids have been vaccinated for chicken pox to. With high temps, it can be dangerous. Oh and I have a scar on my face from them. :(

    I know some people are terrified of vaccines. I was. Maybe am. Then I think about how my mom had Polio. She just had to get her ankle fused a few years ago because it started attacking her body once again. Then Isaak had meningitis. He got that right after his first vaccine shot for it. There are more follow up shots. :(

  9. Tracy Taylor says:

    I homeschool and within my “group” LOL the pox party is all the rage – but it is with the kids we all know. When my girls got the pox they were not feeling up to company so we did not have others over ourselfs but we know plenty who do have close friends, or even openly invite others from our HS comunity over to share the love. To have her sister get the pox we had her drink the same juice boxes as her older sister the day that she got the pox. I would personally never mail order someone elses pox pops – but did need my kids to get them when they were young (for my own reasons that I will not get into here) Basically my mantra is lets all do what works for our families, and not spend energy judging each other for what works for theirs. This is what works for mine :) I am glad you all have found what has worked for yours as well.

    • Tammi says:

      Thanks for commenting Tracy. I think if I knew someonewho had pox, I might arrange a visit and see what happens from there. It’s not like I would make the kids lick each other or anything {lol}, but, if they catch it early, I guess it’s better off than later.
      My 3 kids haven’t had it merely for the point that I haven’t known anyone have it lately!
      You are totally right though, everyone has different opinions and parents differently! But, buying stranger saliva shocked me! lol

      • Tracy Taylor says:

        LOL ya, that is a wee bit odd – and not completely sure legal, but who knows, not my cuppa. I do know that there is a church group here that does it with licorice, when a child has the pox they get the kiddo to such on the tips of all the tops of a bag of licorice then they hand them out to all the kids at that church that Sunday (with parental concent) same idea, and it seems to work – I know a number of moms that go to this church, they all homeschool, non of them vacinate. Works for them. The sick kiddo is not there to spread their own germs around I guess.

  10. Pox lollipop? Disgusting.

    I remember my mom participating in and hosting pox parties when we were younger. There were 11 of us, and so there were several rounds of pox through the house. My mom preferred for us to have them while we were younger. When my sister was about 2, she came down with them, and my mom made my brother, who was 13, spend every waking minute with her in the hopes that he would get the pox. She was very concerned about him getting them as an adult and thought getting them at 13 would be a little easier. He is 25 now and still hasn’t had them. I think he must have some sort of natural immunity.

    My daughter had her vaccinations but still got the chicken pox (I do not know where she got them from). She has eczema, and her case of pox was light – maybe 15-20 pox on her entire body – but they were huge and terrible looking and ended up becoming infected. I found out after taking her to the doctor that kids with eczema get worse cases of chicken pox than normal kids and had she not had the vaccine, her entire body would probably have been covered in sores.

  11. That has to be just about the strangest thing I have ever heard. All 3 of my children had chick pox under the age of 10 and made out okay. Me, well, I ended up getting them when I was 14 and it was pure misery that I remember well. However, I simply can not imagine infecting my children on purpose from some unknown person. Yuk!

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