SKECHERS Shape-ups Review

I talked in a previous post, a intro review of SKECHERS Shape-Ups. Yes, they tone and build muscle as you walk. Each pair comes with detailed information and an exercise guide to get you started.  The best part is that there are so many styles to choose from!

For example the one pair of Skechers Shape-Ups that I got {pictured to the left. Cute, eh?} have that signature curve to the sole. They are the ones that I can rave about for the reason that I am more aware of the way I walk {I went into detail in my last post about walking in Shape-Ups}. This pair I wear when going shopping or out for a walk. They look great and feel awesome – and yes, I notice toning the next day. Absolutely!

Yet, SKECHERS also has the Tone-ups Fitness – Ready Set, so you’ll notice that it doesn’t have that noticeable curve to the sole like the Shape-Ups have. Though SKECHERS has specific styles that are best for certain activities {from casual wear/walking to running}, I decided to give these a try at the gym. With noticeable {and ultra comfortable} padding at the balls and heels of the shoe, they are airy, flexible and very light. Unlike many other brand name athletic shoes I have worn to the gym, there was no break-in period for this pair of SKECHERS. This surprised me a ton, since I ALWAYS have to break in a gym shoe, there is always that period when wearing a new gym shoe where my feet ache and my arches are sore. Not these SKECHERS though, not one ounce of discomfort. Zero.

Myself and my close group of friends that hit the gym everyday had a lengthy discussion about gym shoes and the dreaded ‘break in’. They were just as impressed as I was, that these were that comfortable {and so great looking too!}. I have gotten in the habit of wearing this SKECHERS pair to the gym all the time now, loving how they feel on my feet. And, I have worn them on the cardio machines and during my kettlebells and TRX classes. Now, if the Kinetix Response Radius Trainer feels this great, I am really curious about how the SKECHERS Resistance Runner, which is intended for running and cardio. When I need a new gym shoe, I know which will be my first choice!!

Kinetix Response SRT {great for the gym!}

So, whether you are looking to tone muscles while you run errands for 10 minutes a day, or to wear during your workouts – SKECHERS has you covered with a huge  lineup of footwear for all intensities. Take a peek at their casuals, athletic shoes, sandals {yes, I have my eyes on those too}, boots and more.


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




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    Ooooh! These look so great and I really need some new fitness shoes! I would get the Women Shape-ups Point Five – Natural Health in black, for work so I can get a lot of wear out of them and still reap the benefits of the Shape-ups and the Women Shape-ups Toners – Accelerate Advancers in the Silver & Pink for working out. I would love to try those running shoes as well; I was thinking of getting into running this year!


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