Happy 1st Birthday B. toys! Free onesies for 10,000 Friends!!

Its b. toys’ first birthday! And, instead of receiving presents, B. toys. is giving away presents in honor of its first birthday!  They are such adorable and cute b. toys onesies!!!

How many? 10,000 to be exact!

All you have to do is be one of the first 10,000 people to “LIKE” B. toys on Facebook, B. and you’ll get a specially designed Onesies. I got one last week and it’s so adorable. My twins are too big for onesies now, so I gave it away to a friend with a baby daughter. One of those times when I wish the girls still wore onesies!

So – go get your Free Onesie, it’s sweet that they know that giving is better than receiving!
b. Generous.

While there,  have a look around at all the fun and educational toys!!

Happy Birthday b. toys!!!



  1. marie lyons says:


  2. aw, aren’t those cute!? Even if you don’t have a baby needing a onesie, they always make great gifts, right!? COOL!

  3. Those are SOOOOO cute!!! Oh I want to give some away as gifts!!!

  4. so cute! and all gone! apparently 18K people now like B.toys!

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