Tonka Chuck & Friends: Chuck’s Stunt Park Playset

With 3 girls, you know we have a ton of girl-specific toys. Yet, my girls still love their trucks and cars so it’s nice to have a few ‘boy’ toys on hand for them. And when you think ‘trucks’ – you probably think Tonka! One of the hottest Tonka toys this season is the Tonka Chuck And Friends: Chuck’s Stunk Park Playset. We got this set for review, and my girls love their trucks even more now.
The Tonka Chuck And Friends Stunt Park is great for toddlers and older kids alike, since it has bigger pieces, no sharp edges and fun for both age groups. Plus there is minimal need to ‘run’ the stunt park, so the wee ones love that they can play with it too.
Setup was really easy – but keep a screwdriver handy, you’ll need it for just 4 screws. As well, the included dump truck vehicle takes 2 ‘AA’ batteries {not included}.

I found the biggest confusion was myself wondering why I couldn’t get the ends of the tracks together. There’s no mention in the instructions, or on the box. And it took me a while to realize that they don’t fit together at all – and are actually supposed to be placed apart. Duh! The battery operated dump truck moves along the track by itself – and it’s pretty cool!
With this basic set, there is 2 parts of the track where the truck flips and rolls along – the bridge and the stairs/mountain. My girls can watch this forever, it’s very engaging! And, I really like that the track pieces don’t fit together – it makes it more toddler friendly since adults don’t need to constantly re-assemble it! Here’s another tip – push the front license plate to turn the truck on/off, it took us a while to figure that out too. Can you tell I don’t have boys? Ha!

The biggest con we experienced was that it only comes with one truck {and 3 kids = didn’t go over very well}. Yet, you can purchase additional trucks, pieces and obstacles to make this stunt park even bigger and more fun. Yet, you can also use any of the pieces and vehicles separately – just make your own obstacle course at home!

We really like this Tonka Chuck & Friends Stunt Park Playset, it retails for $39.99 in stores. But, you can get it for only $14.99 on my aStore – that’s an awesome price!!

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.