Caramilk Key Will Unlock the Big Secret,

Canadians, have you noticed anything different about the look of Caramilk bars of chocolate? There is really great promotion going on with Caramilk, Wonka Style! This summer ten Golden Keys are hidden inside the wrappers of 10 random Caramilk bars, available all across Canada. If you find one of these keys, you’ll be whisked away to Toronto where you’ll have your chance to open the highly guarded safe at the unlocking ceremony {the safe contains information of the coveted Caramilk Secret, as in how they get the caramel goodness inside the creamy chocolate outer shell}. If your key opens the safe, you’ll be handed the secret envelope and $125,000. All you’ll have to do is protect the Caramilk Secret, by keeping it safe for 6 months to collect the other sweet $125,000. If your key doesn’t open the safe, you still win with a lifetime supply of Caramilk bars!,,So, can you keep a secret?

Did you know that only 4% of Canadians can keep a secret for longer than a few weeks, if at all!
But, could you keep a secret for $250,000?

What are you waiting for, fellow Canadians? Pick up a Caramilk bar and look for one of the keys. It’s a pretty exciting promotion, I felt like Charlie myself tearing into the wrappers looking for hidden keys.
So far, no luck for me. Or, am I keeping a really big secret….

Good luck to you!

Follow the adventure and the hunt for the 10 Golden Keys at:, on Facebook at
or on Twitter {@CARAMILKsecret}

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this review post, opinions are my own.


  1. Gvenny says

    what a great contest! My husband said he saw this advertised on TV…I just learned about it here on your blog! Bring on the Caramilk! ;o)
    Thanks for enlightening me!!!

    • Carmen says

      Is it a big key inside the wrapper, on top of the writting? How many keys were found to date?

      • Tammi says

        Hi Carmen!
        I have sent in a reuest for an update, since this was last years’ post on the contest.
        I will be posting again soon, after I get some details for you!

      • cleanair says

        The key can be found inside the rectangular box on top of the writing!
        Good Luck to you and me!

  2. Janna says

    yeah, im confused too…. is there a key inside the chocolate itself… or whaat? wouldn’t you feel the key, AH, im so cinfused on what the “key” is…. tell me please???…

    • Tammi says

      Hi Janna!
      I posted about this last year – but I have sent in a reuest for an update – I will be posting again soon!
      And – good luck finding the key!!

  3. cleanair says

    The key should be found inside the long box inside the wrapper on top of all the writing. Good luck to you in finding it!

  4. Peter says

    This is wha the first winner said….

    When she took off the wrapper, the same as all the other wrappers, she thought it was outdated since it wouldn’t break open.

    When she bit into it she realized it was a wax bar and there was a plastic key embedded in the back of it.

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