Spring Car Cleaning Tips

Spring Car Cleaning Tips

Albertans simply can't complain about the weather right now. Despite the fact that it's January, and this month is notorious for freezing temps, we've had some unbelievably mild temperatures. Record breaking highs in fact - hooray! Yet, melting snow means that we drive and walk through slush and filthy sand-water which is leftover from the winter months. Each year when this happens, our cars are at their dirtiest. Not … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Honey Apple Pork Roast

Slow Cooker Honey Apple Pork Roast

You know those recipes that sound so different that they are never tried? File this one under that heading, but tag it TRY, because it's amazing! The story behind this recipe stems from casual conversation with a friend. Her and I regularly talk food, recipes and the ultimate question, "what do I make for dinner?". I had taken a pork roast out for dinner and stated that I was making it the same way I always do - with … [Read more...]

The Dynamics of Twin Play

twin dynamic

If anything, being a parent of multiples has been an eye-opening experience. As I've said before, I don't feel entirely comfortable in comparing my kids to one another, yet when you have one child and then have multiples - you just can't help but to compare every facet of their growth. After all, parents take the learned experience from parenting the first time, and apply that to the next round, so to speak. In doing … [Read more...]

All-Natural Sugar Alternative – #XylaHealthyEating Twitter Party

Xyla Twitter Party

There are times in my life that I've sought out sugar alternatives. Most of those times is when I'm trying to cut down on my sugar intake, after realizing just how much I've been consuming. Yet, cutting out sugar entirely makes it a bland world, right? So instead, I find alternative ways to get my sweet fix, and not reach for the high-calorie traditional sugar. For myself, it's a choice. Yet for those with … [Read more...]

Dyson has Expanded the Cinetic Science Upwards

Dyson Cinetic Family

Last year I helped in the unveiling of new Dyson release, and it became a home cleaning game changer. The product in the spotlight was the Dyson Cinetic DC78 – the first canister vacuum with the amazing Cinetic Science. While Dyson vacuums are world-renowned for freeing people from the expense of purchasing filters and bags, their new Cinetic Science takes it a step further in that the filters never have to … [Read more...]

Symptoms of Cold or Flu – and What you can do to Combat them


Recently I shared with our not-so-glamourous New Years Eve/my birthday, in which I spent the day days in bed with the flu. For myself 2015 started with a literal fresh start as January 1st was the first day I left the quarantine of my room. Out with the old and in the with new! I wish that I could say that so far our year has been full of health, yet for my kids, this isn't the case. For weeks now, they've passed … [Read more...]

Turn Your Photos into Art #12PrintsProject

12printsproject posterjack

As you can probably guess by now, I'm a little crazy about my photos. Stemming from the sadness of not having many of myself and my family when I was young, I've been snapping photos galore ever since I got my first film camera around the age of 10. Now as a parent, well, my need has increased tenfold and bursts at the seams. Case and point? We went skating last week and I took 170 photos ...  Yet, I am like so … [Read more...]

Five Ways to Introduce Chores to your Child

Five Ways to Introduce Chores to your Child

Is your child ready to start helping you with chores around the house? You can tell if a child is ready by the way they want to help. They will start asking you to help more and they’ll become more interested in what you are spending your time doing. My kids each have chores that they need to do, to help out. In fact, my twins have been putting away their own laundry since they were 4 years old. At that time, they … [Read more...]

Fresh Orange Smoothie #SimplySmoothies

Burnbrae Farms Naturegg Simply Egg Whites fresh orange smoothie

While I don't make huge resolutions this time of year {been there, failed at that}, I have vowed to make simple and healthy changes. More importantly, these changes are realistic and attainable. For instance, I've been drinking more water than ever, a simple and obvious change, but an important one. Yet, I've also increased my vegetables and am consciously watching my sugar intake. I gotta admit, I'm doing well so far and … [Read more...]

23 Printables for Valentine’s Day

23 Printables for Valentine's Day

My kids are such creative kids, each and every day they are seen at their little table and chairs. Cutting, writing, colouring, glueing, sparkling, sticker{ing} etc etc etc. So, it only makes sense that they are all over making their own Valentine's Day. For their Valentine's, we usually find a great idea online for a printable, then they help with the printing and then the cutting and decorating, if needed. They are … [Read more...]

BLONDME by Schwarzkopf Professional Chills for Winter with the Cool-Ice Range!

blondme cool ice giveaway

Beachy Blondes are so last season, literally! The hottest blondes for fall and winter are actually cooling down like the temperature, and bringing the crystal clear and brilliant shades of new-age ice queens to the forefront! BLONDME Cool-Ice products by Schwarzkopf Professional are perfect for keeping icy blonde tones looking their best, and being a favourite of celebrity colorist and Global BLONDME Ambassador Kim … [Read more...]

There’s More Good to Love at TimHortons – #BalancedLife Twitter Party

#BalancedLife twitter party

  The change to 2015 is more than a flip of the calendar and trying not to write 2014 for months. The new year brings on that 'you can do it' attitude, and the motivation to make those positive changes to your life, with the intent on keeping those promises for the duration of the year. Yet, we all know that total overhauls aren't easily met, and that small attainable changes are more likely to be followed … [Read more...]