New Tide Pods For Sensitive Skin!


I never had to deal with skin sensitivity at all until one of my twins starting showing signs of it. She suffered from eczema as a baby and suddenly I was thrust into a whole new world. So, with newborn twins at my side, I gathered all the information I could on what aggravates skin sensitivities, doing what I could to lessen the discomfort of my child. Canadian dermatologist Dr. Sandy Skotnicki has some tips … [Read more...]

Schick Holiday Packs

schick hydro 5 holiday pack

I cannot say it enough, I love to give practical gifts. I like to think that if someone is gifted items they need, then while out shopping, they'll have extra to spend on something that spontaneously catches the eye. Plus, there's just something to be said for gifting items that you know will use used and appreciated.  There are 3 choices in Schick Holiday Packs for the 2014 holiday season. Whether it’s … [Read more...]

Pulse – Surround Sound in an LED Lightbulb


When thinking of a possible gift to give, I try to either think of a practical item, or something that they never would have expected but will 'wow' them. You know, like kids tearing off the wrapping and yelling, "cool!".  Here's a tech item that you may not have heard about yet one that definitely has that coolness factor.  It's Pulse by Sengled and it gives you surround sound in a .. wait for it … [Read more...]

Great Beef Makes Great Burgers


I'm going to talk to you about why great beef makes great burgers. In case you are thinking, 'what does she know?', I'll remind you that I was born, raised and have forever lived in Alberta. We Albertans, well, we know our beef. That's fact. I, like most Albertan beef snobs, am rather picky when it comes to beef - whether it's steak or ground. Let's just say that when an Albertan tells you that it's good beef, the … [Read more...]

A Day in the Life with Barbie #BarbieProject


On a day last weekend I shared a series of photos on my Instagram Page, chronicling our usual chaotic life. I'd love to say that a typical Saturday for us is laying around in PJs and watching cartoons, yet I don't even remember the last weekend when we didn't have something on the schedule. The photos were A Day in the Life with Barbie, capturing events and play throughout the day, tagged with … [Read more...]

Be Radiant Everyday #Giveaway

demi lovato beradiant pgmom

Recently P&G asked if I'd like to attend a Demi Lovato concert and meet the star as well. While my daughter would have been absolutely thrilled at the opportunity - you heard of a little ditty called 'Let It Go'? She absolutely would! Yet, unfortunately we weren't abel to go. So, the great team behind #pgmom graciously suggested that I send someone in my place, which I was very happy to do. Share the … [Read more...]

Easy Halloween Fudge

Halloween Fudge recipe using White Chocolate and mini Halloween chocolate bars. Easy to make and so good, they'll disappear

The evidence is in stores, in my house, in our yard and in my kids excitement - Halloween is almost here! I have to admit, Halloween is one of my favourite holidays, and not just for the thievery of the kids loot bags after they've gone to sleep. It's just one totally fun holiday! Each year myself and a group of friends meet at someones house for a potluck dinner, great visits, Halloween fun with the kids and then we … [Read more...]

Halloween Tricks and Treats for Healthy Teeth


This Hallows’ Eve while wicked witches are brewing their cauldrons, and zombies are creeping through the night, we suspect that you and your kids will be screaming “trick or treat!”. Actually, my girls have been practicing for about a month now. Every.where.we.go! Yet Halloween brings a lot less tricks, and a lot more treats right?! I mean, look at the teeth on Halloween pumpkins?! Now that's enough … [Read more...]

Win Redbox Movies for a Year! #RedboxCanada


Fridays get all the attention – it’s the end of the work week and the start to a care-free weekend. Redbox is changing that with Free Movie Thursdays offering customers a free one-night DVD rental each Thursday at all Redbox® kiosks across Canada throughout the month of October. If you are unfamiliar with this promotion, read how to get in on Free Movie Thursdays at the link, and don't forget to RSVP for the … [Read more...] has a new Travel Writer!

It's a fact that travel has been a true passion of mine for many years. The spark started on my very first trip ever, a school exchange to Europe in High School. This excursion to France and Germany started a flame that only grew stronger. It's a longing to explore + live + experience the world around me, eyes and heart open. One of the many reasons why I'm thankful for this space called My Organized Chaos, is that I … [Read more...]

Get Your Free Redbox Movie Rental and RSVP for the #RedboxCanada Twitter Party!


The current change in the season also brings a change in routine. Packing away the sandals, getting out those heavier jackets. More oven and slow cooker cooking and bulky sweaters for all. I'm pretty vocal about not loving the winter season {at all}, yet there is some definite perks that I look forward to year after year. The main one is family movie nights, which we do a lot more of in the Fall and Winter seasons. … [Read more...]