His & Hers Holiday Beauty and Grooming Essentials

His & Hers Holiday Beauty and Grooming Essentials Kit

Exotic soaps and lotions are nice, yet, history has shown that these pretty items tend to stay in their adorable well-wrapped package. For far too long. I love the simple gifts of items that people actually use on a daily basis. Take a peek in someone bathroom cabinet or tub-side and you'll know exactly what to get them. Hey, if it saves me a shopping trip for these essentials next month? Most welcome! I'm all up for … [Read more...]

Remembering What Matters Most this Holiday Season


I have received information and materials from McNeil Consumer Healthcare, Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc., the makers of TYLENOL®. The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post.    When I was growing up, our house was always full of people during the holidays. I am the youngest of seven children and first became an Aunt at age three, so literally there was always countless family members around at … [Read more...]

4 Tips for Cruising with a Large Family

allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean My Organized Chaos

So, your family doesn’t fit the typical two adult, two child model {mine sure doesn't!} Does this mean cruising is out of the question? Ten years ago the answer might have been yes. Not only were cruises cost prohibitive, there were few rooms available that could accommodate a larger family. Today the situation is different. Larger families are choosing to take cruises, whether it’s with immediate family members or … [Read more...]

Top 5 Tim Hortons Gift Ideas

tim hortons tree ornament

When gifting to others, my tip for success is to look at their interests and what they love. Pay attention to their usual daily life and take notice of products they use or make mention of needing. If necessary, snoop around on their social media accounts and look for clues - they really are everywhere. For instance, my Twitter profile has always said, "... fuelled by coffee ...". Yes, I would smile greatly and hug a … [Read more...]

Juicepresso Slow Pressing Juicer

juicepresso juicer review

Juicing is one of those things that has always caught my interest. For myself, the allure was the ability to get all the good stuff into the body in one drink {I am so terrible otherwise}, and for the tremendous health benefits of slow pressing. There are powerful antioxidants in fruits and veggies that help prevent cancer, strengthen your immune system, and boosts anti-aging effects. As well, fiber, vitamins, … [Read more...]

Nestle for the Holidays. Because, Chocolate.

Nestle holiday chocolates

It would be hard for me to find someone that didn't buy chocolates during the holiday season. We have them on hand for evening treats after a long day of merry-making, for guests, as gifts, for the stocking and a whole lot of baking!  So what's new and hot in the world of chocolate-love for Christmas 2014? Nestle has some amazing choices on the shelves right now! For the kids, cause they need that … [Read more...]

Gifts That Give Back – UNICEF #UnBoxPossibilities


When it comes to holiday gifting, each of us strives for that 'wow' result from the recipient. We want our loved ones to know just how much we care, with the representation of a gift. Yet, what if that present for them could be a hidden life-changing gift to others at the same time. Are you familiar with the gifts that give back? Unicef Canada has a gifting alternative this year, perhaps you've seen mention of … [Read more...]

California-Style Devilled Eggs

California-Style Devilled Eggs

Every Christmas Eve we host a gathering where only appetizers is served. This means that one task of mine during the holiday season is to decide on what I'll be serving our guests. Over the years I have accumulated a list of favourites, yet I do like to change up the same-old and put a different spin on even the classic recipes. One dish on the menu that is always a hit when entertaining is devilled eggs, it's … [Read more...]

Tips and Tricks for Fabulous Holiday Hair

tips and ticks for Fabulous Holiday Hair

The holiday season is one of the most joyous and exciting times of the year. There's plenty to celebrate with gatherings, and work parties, and let's not forget those fun festivities with friends or school events. I'm sure your schedule is jam-packed with places you need to be. This of course calls for you to get out your best attire, perhaps paint those nails and the desire to do something with the … [Read more...]

Rocky Mountain Soap Company – Sugar Plum

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Sugar Plum review

It was last September when we ventured to through the Canadian rocky mountains, to attend a wedding. If you've never been, this area of Canada is simply amazing - breathtaking, wondrous and grandiose. You simply must put my backyard on your must-travel list. During our travels at this time, we stopped at a tiny resort off the highway. Nestled literally in the rocky mountains were little cabins in the trees, the … [Read more...]

An Introduction to doTerra Essential Oils

doterra essential oils beginner introduction

I've mentioned a few times here on My Organized Chaos about being so stubborn, and 'Essential Oils' is just one fine example where I can look at myself, history and my patterns - and completely shake my head. For years I've followed the buzz about essential oils, with much curiosity. In fact, one of my best friends is very knowledgeable in oils, and we've discussed it at great lengths. She's even given me some … [Read more...]